Poem For Stag Party Scavenger Hunt: Bachelor Party

A Stag Party Scavenger Hunt (Bachelor Party)
by Jonathan Kraft

1. Tonight you’re going out for your last hurrah
You may see some of these, normally covered by a bra.

2. Because you’re visiting mostly every bar
give these to a friend – you won’t be driving any car.

3. You’re the stag tonight – still, treat others fair
Else you’ll spend the night locked up hearing sirens blare

4. It’s been said women are better in bed
When you can find this hair on their head

5. A deep red pair, find them before dawn…
You’ll kiss just one set from tommorrow on

6. Take one of these, then take two more
Take too many, and you’ll be on the floor
Shots (of alcohol)

7. Your last night of freedom – be careful what you do.
Pelé, Beckett, Ronaldo all know that to be true
(Any football/soccer items)

8. Marriage doesn’t have to mean the end
Keep it interesting with “Man’s best friend”.

9. You’re giving up the ability to be the boss,
Have to ask before eating these with curry sauce
(Currywurst or chips/fries)

10. Getting hitched doesn’t mean you’re not a dude.
But you will need one of these, just to get screwed.
Screwdriver (drink or tool)

11. You had a secret rendezvous once, somewhere hidden in a thicket.
Your life will now be more like a sticky wicket.
(Anything related to cricket)

12. Even really nice women sometimes wear these,
But most often they’re known for being used in a strip tease
(Stilettos or thong)

13. You don’t have to be perfect. Fun is the goal.
Just aim and put the ball in the hole.
(billiards, snooker, or golf)

14. When it comes to drinking, let’s get one thing clear
Stick with just one type, whether liquor or ________

Client Requested:
Please create 14 rhyming clues (in a riddle style) for a Stag Night scavenger hunt (lads night before getting married).
Please write each clue followed by a line’s space and the answer. You can choose any common items/places you wish, like; red hair, lips, thong, champagne, beer pump etc etc (each clue must be something they can find and preferably take a photograph with in an average town/city, but not all easily found in one place).
Looking forward to reading them. If they are good, I’ll be ordering a hunt for the hen party too.

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