Poem: GalPalGreet.com

by Jonathan Kraft

Two children playing on a playground, one gets pushed and cries
Two moms show up to work it out and dry those tear-filled eyes.
Caregiver, friend, and chef, she’s a civil servant too
It’s not always recognized in all the work that moms just do.

A man comes home at 1 PM, desk contents in his hands
Outsourced, and everything he worked for, now just shriveled plans.
Who is there to help him believe there will be a better day?
His wife. She somehow knows and has the right words to say.

A corporate boardroom, important meeting, and all it took to get here.
“It’s not your place,” she often heard. “Can’t you get that clear?”
But she proved them wrong, battled through, proving she could win
And each day she chooses to challenge the voices she sometimes hears within

All of the roles that a woman must fill
Women understand that it takes such a strong will
To travel so many different roads at the same time
Mother, wife, daughter, job, and the call of each chime

One woman meets another, and they find that they share lots
They nourish and encourage, each giving the other new thoughts
After all a friend has power to ignite a new desire to try
Or can simply be a place where she can go to have a cry.

So one woman calls another and has a heart to heart.
Tears, hugs, laughs, and joy, each give life a new start.
A new perspective that comes through the eyes of another,
And the love of a sister in friendship, caring like a mother.

The Gift of a true GalPal isn’t something you can price.
A Gal Pal brings life flavor – a different kind of spice.
The gift of her friendship carries even more than it gives
That friendship lights up in the world, and onward that light lives.

With a few of your GalPals, just have a get-together.
Write about the time you had, whether rain or sunny weather.
Friendship gifts big when you visit GalPalGreet
Share your story, upload your photo; we’ll send you something neat!

So enjoy some GalPal Power, have a get together today.
And come away re-energized. Let your troubles melt away.
You know the value of her friendship, it simply can’t be beat.
Get-togethers bring you bonus gifts when you visit GalPalGreet.

This poem was created exclusively for GalPalGreet.com by IWriteYourPoems.com
Copyright ©2011 by Infinite Media and Gal PalGreet.com

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