Poem: Birthday Party Invitation

Saha and Asha’s Birthday Party Invite
by Jonathan Kraft

Asha’s three years, Saha’s 100 days
We will be celebrating in style
The births of both of these munchkins
So come and stay a little while

Asha’s getting her alphabet down
With “H – I – J” then “hum hum hum TEEEE!!”
She likes to get ready, then steady, then go
And sing “Itsy, bitsy itsy spider, itsy itseee!!”

Saha’s new into the world
Just starting to be aware of his hands
But already loves elephants, monkeys and lions
He laughs a lot, and really loves fans.

Asha’s three years, Saha’s 100 days
And we would like you to know
That you are invited to come and take part
In a party with a magic show

There will be a piñata, with sweets to enjoy
We will provide you a blindfold
After swinging at these tasty treats
We’ll have balloon animals to behold

It’s going to be a great celebration
And there will be great stories to tell
Come and have fun with Saha and Asha
And the big dog Ubu as well

Would like a poem inviting people to a celebration for a girl and a newborn boy, who share the 4 letters in their names (Asha and Saha, respectively) and are turning 3 years and 100 days old, respectively.

The 100-day old boy, Saha, loves fans, monkeys, elephants and lions, is fearless, always laughing, best friends with a big dog named Ubu, and very flirty with women he meets.

His 3-year-old cousin, Asha, is adorable. She is clever, affectionate, charismatic, charming, and loves using british words like ‘lift’ for elevator, ‘lorry’ for truck, and ‘ready steady go’ for ‘ready set go’… because she mostly watches British cartoons. She sometimes gets stuck in a loop when singing itsy-bitsy-spider and occasionally skips inconvenient sections when reciting the alphabet.

The audience for this poem are invitees to a party celebrating these milestones in their lives, mostly adults but also kids who will be treated to balloon animals, a magic show, and a pinata.

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