Poem: Clues For An Anniversary Scavenger Hunt

Clues For An Anniversary Scavenger Hunt
by Jonathan Kraft

First Clue:
Welcome to your anniversary hunt
Your job is to collect the clues
So get ready to have some serious fun
Turn on your thinker and tie up your shoes

Each clue will provide you a little hint
For where you need to go next
You’re bound to figure each place easily
I’ve given you sufficient context

Here’s the first… are you ready? Let’s see…
The fun is just beginning
Complete this hunt successfully
It will be worth the winning.

One time I needed to print something out
I thought that I could help (silly me!)
Instead I learned how to eat something slimy
Time to get moving – Happy Anniversary!

Second Clue:
When roommates come home when you’re just “having lunch”
They might notice hickeys and begin harrassment
But they’re easily covered up with a little cover up
Nothing to see here – no embarrassment

Third clue:
How inhumane could we possibly be
A slow horrible death. “Sorry mouse, didn’t know!”
Sticky paper – what a very awful idea
Glad we now use traps to let them go.

Fourth clue:
Stairs are not the most comfortable place
To get down and dirty – you know what I mean
Our last meal together before nuptial vows
So glad we are married, on you I’m very keen.

Fifth Clue:
“What are your intentions?” “Just leading her on?”
Two hours of intense questions in Dad’s special room
Glad you handle Mom’s interrogation well…
Thanks for being my groom.

Sixth Clue:
If all crashed down and we needed help
Or else just needed somewhere to be or begin…
We would go here – she’d know what to do
We checked it out before she moved in.

Last clue:
A message in a bottle and a hidden treasure map
What could the hidden treasure be?
Things and people flying in the air…
Follow this last clue to find these and me!



I inboxed you a little while back about helping me with a scavenger hunt for my husband on our anniversary. So here is a little backround on each spot and at the last spot, I bought tickets to a Cirque Du Soleil show and so the last “clue” will be hinting towards that with a map and on the map a corner will be circled and I will meet him there.

Here it goes (I’m looking for light and funny. But smart funny. Not cheesy. Well, it might be impossible to not get cheesy at all):

1st clue is at our apt. should say something about having to collect all the clues to lead to where I am. And should send him to-

Place #1: (his sister’s old place) my printer broke and I needed to print boarding passes for a flight the next morning, so a friend called my now husband (who did not know me at the time), and asked him if we could use his printer. He took us to his sister house where he spent quite some time connecting the printer to a network and finally printing the passes. (I naively offered to help, not knowing he was a computer wiz) his was also my first taste of leeches. He handed me one as we were walking out and I had no idea how to eat it…

Place #2- (his first apt) (months later) he invited me over for” lunch” (we both knew it was more then that) I proceeded to passionately kiss him all over and when we heard his roommates were home, we quickly straightened up like nothin happened but thats when we discovered that i had given him hickeys all over his neck and body. Ended up running home to get cover up so his friends wouldn’t know we were dating! (oh the shame)

Place #3- (his 2nd apt) we caught our first mouse and I did not realize that when we put those sticky mouse things down the mouse would get stuck and die a painful death 🙁 after that incident he bought mousetraps that enable you to let the mouse go free after you catch them.

Place #4(on stairs leading to roof of his building) steps leading to our last dinner together before our wedding. You can also hint to some risky business happening on those stairs. (Sorry if this is all too much information. I just know he’ll get a kick out of it!)

Place #5(my dads study) my parents knew we were dating for a while and they thought he was just leading me on and never going to get serious so they decided to call him and ask him to come speak with them (his first meeting with my parents! Very nerve wracking) he spent like 2 hours in my dads study speaking with my parents . (by himself!). His first dose of my mother. Must have been intense.

Place #6: (his sisters place) Insinuate that if there was one place we would go if we needed something, it would be here (or one person we would ask for help from?). If you need more information for the text, you can also say something about how before his sister moved in, we went to check the place out (because she was out of town at the time).

And the last clue should hint to the tickets and I’ll stick a map in the clue bottle too.

If anything is even the slightest bit confusing, feel free to ask. I have no problem sending over some more details!

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