Poem: For A Bride’s Maid Speech

Flexing Families
by Jonathan Kraft

(A request to write a Bride’s Maid Speech in the form of a poem)

With you I get to be an older sis
I’d never experienced that
It’s kind of unique that we’ve grown closer
While watching the bachelorette

We pretty much met, New Years Eve in ’07
You ordered martinis, extra dirty.
That’s when I knew that we’d hit it off
Your brother didn’t even have time to get flirty

And it’s truly my honor to be here today
To offer best wishes to you both
And to get to offer a few words for you
And the pact you just made, a lifelong oath.

So here are my words, what a blessing it is
to be here with people with such deep hearts
And I hope my words can do a little something
As this, your new life together, starts.

Marriage is a blending of two families
And it can be hard to blend something so complex
However, the great thing of families…
Even when they’re big, there’s more room to flex

So your families flexed their pre-suppositions
About dating so long, and just going steady
And look, you’ve made it a perfect match
Things happen at the time when they’re ready.

You two are two people whose love for each other
extends in the way that you’re moved by the sounds
For you, notes are callings, deep down inside
And Mike’s musical ability truly astounds

Mike, before we knew you, I had told Beth
She needed someone smart, and a person who was whole
She needed someone who could make her laugh…
And look… here your lives are… so much more full.

I love the relationship the two of you have
Two becoming one is perfect with you
The way I’ve seen you care for each other
I know that you’ll always be true

This isn’t to say that life will be easy
There will certainly be times when you feel you’re falling
Mike, let your song always be in Beth’s heart
Beth, let Mike’s song be a calling

And a little more advice, as two become one…
Be brave and be bold in the way that you show
the truth of the depth of your feelings inside
It will sometimes be hard, but you must always grow

Become more together than you would be alone
Stand tall and stand strong in support
Be joyous in experience, be quick to embrace…
Be a ship coming home to it’s port.

Value the greatness inside one another
Appreciate and respect who you are
Be proud of your whole relationship
And share your love everywhere, near and far

Marriage is about giving more than you take,
Remember to give eachother lots of love,
Work on the big stuff, work through the small stuff
You are sent to each other from heaven above.


Original Request:

Wedding Date: November 16, 2012

Key Players:
Jennifer: me, maid (Matron) of honor, sister-in-law of bride
Chris: my husband, brother of bride
Dominick: mine and Chris son born March 9th, 2012
Beth: Bride
Mike: Groom, Beth likes to call him Mikey

*First off, I feel very blessed that Beth picked me as her maid of honor. What a special honor to be that for her especially since I’m her sister-in-law. I feel very blessed to be married into an amazing family!!

*A little about Beth:
Beth is a sweet, sincere, very smart, analytical, little on the shy side, beautiful, VERY giving and has a huge heart, especially for her family. Our house doors are always open for her, she is welcome to stop by anytime and she does stop by frequently to hangout or see her nephew.

*Mike & Beth
Before she met Mike I told her she needed someone intelligent, can make her laugh and loves music b/c Beth loves to listen to music.
And she found that man in Mike. He is very smart, very goofy, and is a musician.
Mike brings out a fun silly side of Beth. Mike is very musically inclined and plays the guitar. Side Note: Mike made mine and Chris wedding very special by playing our ceremony music… all classic rock songs… it was AMAZING! It was one of my favorite parts of my wedding… he made it so memorable! Although music is Mike’s passion, he now works as an accountant, so music is not his profession.
Mike is also equally as close to his family but he has an exceptionally larger family then Beth.

*Story about Beth’s giving
Beth was very excited to have a new nephew (1st grandbaby in the family- Dominick). Beth would stop by our house often while I was pregnant with presents for her new nephew. Then when Dominick came, she brought over a huge box with about 20 outfits, saying she didn’t get a chance to give these to us yet. Needless to say, I didn’t need to buy Dominick and clothes; I was set for at least 6 months. She was so excited; it was so precious. Her and Mike will be great parents some day with such big hearts!

Mike comes from a large family and extended family; he is the youngest of 5 children, I’d guess he has 9-10 nieces and nephew already. Most of his best friends are his cousins. This wedding will have at least 300 guests b/c Mike’s extended family is so large.
In Beth’s family it is Chris and Beth, just two children.

At first Mike’s huge family was a little overwhelming for Beth b/c she is a bit shy but in the end it has been so great for her and his family loves her, his mother has told me many times that she is such a “doll”. I agree!

Mike is 33 and Beth is I think 29, so it was worth the wait for both of them to find the perfect match. They dated for 3 years and everyone has been ready for them to get married for a while now! They got engaged earlier on this year (April or May) and planned a wedding in about 6-7 months.

*Story about “our first date”
So, I met Chris in Nov of 2007. Beth was single at the time… she was actually there the day I met Chris but I don’t really remember her that much.
Then, Chris invited me to a NYE party, where his sister was invited too. Beth and I joke that this was actually hers and mine first date. We started off the night with Beth ordering us “3 dirty martinis, extra dirty”. –Oh my, I thought, here we go… Then we switched to 2 Chocolate martinis and left Chris on the side of the dance floor holding our Chocolate martinis, while we danced most of the night. I think Chris finally dumped our martinis.

We ended up going to another bar, where Beth and I talked the rest of the night and totally hit it off!!! Finally Chris had to PULL me away from his sister to get the last dance at the end of the night with me. (Side note, for your background info: I told her that night that I was going to marry her brother, she was the first to know that I thought that.)

*Bachelorette get together
After Beth and I established our friendship we decided we were going to start a weekly girls night. So, her roommate, my roommate, and us two started meeting on Monday nights to watch the Bachelorette/ Bachelor and drink wine. We’d rotate houses. Since then more ladies have added to the group. It has been a fun group b/c most of us have gotten engaged, married and some have had babies… and shared all these moments with each other. Great diverse group of girls and sounding boards for advise about jobs, weddings, boys, and life in general. It has brought Beth and I even closer through out the years. Also, now she is close with some of my friends and I’m close with some of her friends. We’ve been meeting since I think 2008. It has brought us so close, sometimes I forget Beth is my husband’s sister, I think of her more as one of my best friends. Its pretty amazing that one of my best friends is my son’s aunt and at all the holidays family parties!

*Beth and Chris relationship
I always found it interesting how close Chris and Beth are, I remember early on in our relationship, them meeting for dinner, just to catch up.
Chris with out hesitation always invites his sister to everything he does socially. If it’s going out with his friends or taking her to dinner or needing advise, they are there for each other. They have a great relationship. They have a relationship that would make any parent proud, knowing that the kids have each other’s backs always. I dream my children have this type of relationship someday. Chris is 3 years older than Beth, he is protective but not over protective he has been a good role model for her. Beth is actually more protective over Chris than he is over her.

*Chris and Mike also get along well. They now have organized their friends and play on a softball team together. Mike actually is the manager and organized everything. Most of the girls from our Monday night group’s husbands play also.

*Lil Sis
Beth calls herself my little sis. Which is nice for me b/c she totally feels like my little sis. I am also the youngest in my family and I enjoy being the older sister role model for her. My sister is a great older sister role for me and I enjoy being the same for Beth.

I’m giving you a lot of background information so you know how I’m thinking.
I feel like I’m stating a lot about myself so you know me. I definitely want this poem to be all about Beth, Beth & Mike and the honor and Blessing of marriage. Not about me!!!

My advise to Beth & Mike for Marriage would be; its about give and take, lots of love, not sweating the small stuff and appreciating and respecting your partner for who they are! Be proud of your relationship and share your love with each other everyday; remember your relationship is a gift from God!

I’ve attached a picture of their save the date to show how silly of a couple they are, it is a magnet. Also, a sneak peak of the bride and her beautiful dress.

Also, you do not have to get every *point into the poem… just wanted to give you as much info to work with as possible.

Let me know if this is enough, if you need more or for me to clarify anything.

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