Poem: For a Business Product Called EverCustomNote

by Jonathan Kraft

We are all very busy today
The world keeps a very fast pace
With spouses, children, friends, or work
Each day can feel like a race

We rarely have more than a few minutes
To record what we see, think, and hear
But recording and reflecting our lives…
The importance of this is clear

At this pace it’s really crucial
To have a tool that lets you make a note
So you’ll remember what you thought or did
When you look back on what you wrote

EverCustomNote can help
Keep track of it all for you
A good way to remember
The day your child ties the first shoe

Or when you go to a great movie
Or read through a fantastic book
Recording thoughts while listening to music
Or a friend’s recipe that you want to cook

At home and work noting what you eat
Can make a difference in health
Making notes about your finances
Can really improve your wealth

Life’s big and small bits can be custom recorded
So you can remember each important piece
Knowing you’ve got it easily stored
Helps bring you to a place of peace

Having templates to make your notes
Lets you easily record your deeds
You’re more likely to jot something down
If the application meets your needs

Jotting things down is really crucial
To do more in life than just float, so
Record custom thoughts for everything
With EverCustomNote



I would like to please a poem about a web application that I’ve created, its called EverCustomNote. My application “Ever Custom Note” is built on top of EverNote.com, the worldwide note taking application. What is original and unique about EverCustomNote is that instead of just let you type in a note it makes it possible to build customised notes that matches different aspects of life.

I was thinking of a poem that highlights how we have lots of different things happening in our lives that we want to take notes of/for like going to a movie, buying a book, listening to an album, saving a health record, keeping log of what we eat, storing moments of our children and how being able to custom build a form would really be awesome to save these life bits in their so varied form.

The application is not live yet, sorry about that but basically it allows you to create templates for your notes so for example you can have a food log note template that would ask for specific fields like meal, calories and time. Another for doctor appointments which you can create as doctor name, clinic address, follow up visit date and time maybe.

Sorry for the so long description but I can imagine how writing a poem would be so hard without having context. EverCustomNote is about how life is made up of all sort of things and how it would help to have custom notes for each of these life bits..

Thanks so much really for that amazing offer and so so so looking forward to getting EverCustomNote’s poem : )

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