Poem: For A Day Spa In New Zealand

Precious Beauty (a spa in New Zealand) and the Olympics
by Jonathan Kraft
(A repeat custom poetry client from New Zealand)

You might not dash in 9.63.
You might not carry the victory lamp.
But still when you look in the mirror,
you really should feel like a champ

You probably won’t outrow Murray or Bond,
and definitely not Mahe Drysdale.
But come in for some Beauty Therapy,
and we promise that you’ll tell a tale

of the way that you were glamorously treated.
You’ll cherish every minute, you may want to sing;
Whether it’s a manicure, pedicure, or facial
A relaxing massage or a new piercing.

We are here for your beauty needs.
We pamper and care for nails, body, and hair.
When you leave, you may be complimented
In London, or Auckland, or anywhere.

Let others lavish you with their praise.
Being the star at Precious Beauty is quite good fun.
The depth of others’ recognition
will let you glide as though you just won

a medal count as many as Michael Phelps’,
a race as glorious as Usain Bolt’s.
The difference for you is you get to relax…
you get to enjoy and charge up your volts.

Recharge your life. Spend some time with us.
Enjoy the therapy Precious Beauty can provide
We’ll make your eyes sparkle, your legs satin soft.
You’ll feel tip top, outside and inside.

And though you may not wear a medal
worn with pride around your neck,
You certainly deserve to feel great.
So pamper yourself and let us check

to see what makes you feel the best.
Let us pamper you – you’ll be the star.
It’s your day for Precious Beauty Therapy.
Let us care for you like the winner you are!



Think Olympics >>> think Precious beauty Therapy.
We are wanting to use the Olympics as an anchor.

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