Poem: For a Hen Night Scavenger Hunt (Bachelorette Party)

Hen Night Scavenger Hunt (Bachelorette Party)
by Jonathan Kraft

1. This will tell you if he’s a CEO
a VP of finance, or an average Joe Blow.

Business card from a (male) stranger

2. This part of the body may be missing some hair
Give it a rub, if there’s no toupee there

bald head

3. On the skin these are inked, red, black, and blue.
You might consider that you could get one too


4. Unless you use one of these in marriage
Along will come a baby in a baby carriage


5. You often have him hold this – your man, your hunk
It’s the place where you hold all of your junk


6. Often in the humor of Shakespeare the Bard
A stranger can take his off, and it might be awkward


7. Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti
Get someone to sing you a little ditty

Get a stranger to sing you a song

8. Some chicks don’t like to drink this stuff
But it’s his preferred drink, makes him burp and puff


9. Go and shake your nice booty for some fellas
It’s your last night as a single…do it even if he’s jealous

Club/place for dancing

10. He’ll give you some of these, if he remembers…
They’re often used to help ignite love’s embers


11. You’re def’nit’ly a princess, so high atop your head
May be a sparkly circle, lined with diamonds and thread


12. An upside down diamond, about the size of a fist
Holds sufficient vodka, sometimes with a lime twist


13. To get that ring, you gave his a little shove.
This is a special shape, representing love.


14. Something new, something old, something blue, something to borrow…
You’ll likely be wearing one of these tomorrow

white dress

Original Request
Hen Night Scavenger Hunt (Bachelorette Party)

Please create 14 rhyming clues (in a riddle style, preferably 3 lines) for a Hen Night scavenger hunt (ladies night out before getting married).

Please write each clue followed by a line’s space and the answer. You can choose any common items/places that you wish and that can be included in a photo challenge. (each clue must be something they can find and take a photograph of in an average town/city, but not all easily found in one place).


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