Poem: For Autumn (Girlfriend Poem)

For Autumn
by Jonathan Kraft

I love to walk with you in the park
I love to be with you outside
I love to be anywhere with you
Even in our minds on a colorful ride

Lying in the grass with you and holding
your hand in mine and our spirits together
Every moment with you is one to cherish
I love your crazy words that are so clever

I know it sounds like a chiche to say
But from the moment I first saw you I was hooked
If you ever told me to go away, I couldn’t
“Too late,” I’d say. “I’ve already looked.”

I’ll listen to music with you anywhere
I’ll go anywhere that you want to go
Autumn, I love you so very much
I wanted you to read this to be sure that you know.

And if shades green were a thing one could really hold
Those shades would be the color of the way that you feel
To others – deep, exciting, a presence unexplainable.
Thank you for being so genuine and real.

Your aura precedes you with everyone you meet
and your life in you lights up my soul
I’m happy to have alongside of me…
When I’m around you I’m somehow more whole

You have such an amazing heart and spirit
The power within you is serene (and while so strong,)
You kindly and patiently walk in peace and
I know that I’ll love you my whole life long.

Original Request
I would like a love poem for my girlfriend Autumn, she loves walks in the park, she likes nature, We have dated for 2 years our anniversary is in June, her favorite color is green she is very outspoken and has a great aura. I want this poem to be heartfelt and show that I am in love with her and just want her to be happy and enjoy life with me.

We met at her friend kates 16th birthday party and from the moment I seen her I knew she was the girl I was going to Marry, and this is going to be a pre anniversary present.

One of my favorite memories is when we were laying in the grass looking out into the marshland holding each other and just enjoying the view.

But I think one of our most memorable and unforgetful nights is when me and her were at my house and …sat there holding each other enjoying the colors and the dark living room and listening to music.

I would say outspoken, full of energy, rambunctious, peaceful yes but opposite of relaxed and calm. Her personality is one of a kind like people even say she has this “aura” when it comes to people who try to describe her.

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