Poem For Business: Thanks For Your Review

Thanks For Your Review
by Jonathan Kraft

If you like what I’ve written
If what you’ve read meant something to you
If you laughed or cried or thought a new thought
Or if the words rang true

If the heart I put into the work
Carried a spirit, a song, or a ryhme
If the words meant something good for you
Or caught you at the right time

Then I’m hoping you’ll take a moment
To go and write some words for me
Your review and thoughts on what you’ve read
Will also help others to see

That the writing you’ve read can be good for them too
If they will also just pick up my book
Thank-you so much for crafting your review
And helping me help others to take a look

Client Request:
I want to write a poem that asks an awkward question in a fun way… will you write me an Amazon (or other) review for my book.

You see, authors LOVE getting book reviews, and it really helps them to sell more books. But it can be tough asking for a review from a reader, friend and so on without sounding needy. I want a short-ish – 3-4 verse poem that asks for a book review, says how much it means to me, hints at the fact it might sell me more books, and is just generally quite fun, but EFFECTIVE 🙂

Lmk if you need any more info, and thanks! I can’t wait!

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