Poem For Family Advice: Choosing And Moving

Choosing And Moving
by Jonathan Kraft

I’m not going to tell you about
when I was your age.


When I was your age… well…
I didn’t know any different either.

It’s easier to fix the past
with the tools and toolbox of today

But the past is the past.

It’s not something to fix.
It’s not something to undo.
It just is.

So today I just want to share
Some information I know as fact in the present
From the things I’ve done and been through in the past.

Maybe these learnings can be a present for you.

“Behold!” is a powerful word.
I wish that you would behold and truly understand
all the depth that is within you…
all that you are capable of…
all the opportunity in front of you

More than that, I wish you the gift
of discernment

and that you would behold…

and truly and intimately know….

that your greatest strengths lie in just two of your abilities

Your ability to choose
Your ability to move

Opportunity is a road
and yes, most roads diverge at some point to become two roads
And yes, because you choose one road,
it may mean that you move away from another road forever.

But I hope you will use your judgment, your very best judgment, and then choose.

Because not choosing, is choosing not to move.

So I hope that you will always
Make a decision to the best of your ability
And then move on it.

Regrets are a funny thing…
Again, like trying to fix the past with the tools of today

But the times I wish I could have,
should have, and would have…

Those only regrets I truly have…

are times when I just should have moved.

But I decided instead not to choose.

So choose.

Don’t stand still by default.
If you stand still, stand because you choose to stand.

When you move, move because you choose to move.

What else can I say?

Honor the spirit within which unites all life…
While honoring your individuality.
Learning to do this is an art, not a science.

Love deeply
And live boldly
And do so, while remembering, that every choice you make
Has a reaction.

You put something into the world
And it is in the world forever.

So always make it your best.



Hi again,
I am looking for a poem on life choices from the point of view an adult looking back on the past.
Basically anything along those lines.
Non rhyme
40 lines

Advice sounds good. Maybe to a teenager?
How about something like “don’t make the same mistakes I made”?
Anything like that.

I leave it up to you.
Regards Paul

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