Poem: The Gift Room

The Gift Room
by Jonathan Kraft

If you could see a room with all the gifting of your life,
you would see no walls. They would be out of sight
All around you piled would be packages and bows;
Glitter, shiny paper, in silver, blue, gold, and rose.

You would look from side to side and there all around you’d see
everything you’d ever dreamed about what your life could be.
You’d wonder how you’d ever choose which presents you should pick.
You’d shake with great excitement, your thoughts would really tick.

How to choose, what to choose, where to look to choose?
Should you choose the biggest one? One wrapped in paper news?
Or should you climb the tallest place and get an overview?
You might do all this to decide which presents were right for you.

But once you had decided, then you’d have to pull the wrapping.
That might not be easy, some gifts are wrapped with heavy strapping.
Gifts are often disguised by the package they are set in.
The package often is the gift – the gift is what it takes to get in.

Eventually, you’d open the gift with the required traction.
You’d look inside and realize that the fun was in the action.
Standing there you’d love the gift – it’s something you would cherish.
But once you’d opened up the gift, some of your thrill would perish.

The challenge of what’s new will bring you mystery and pleasure.
Having gone and accomplished one, you seek out a new treasure.
And life for humans is about a series of great giving.
Gifts given and received are the number one way of living.

And every gift that you open will come with key and lock,
and when you turn the key you’ll hear the tick-tock of a clock.
It’s one of life’s conundrums to have so many options on hand
when human lives are short, ‘bout 100 years is all you stand.

And picking just one present in a room where there are so many…
is something like having a dollar, but choosing instead a penny.
You hear the ticking of the clock, yes you too must move in time
But you should also know life lets you make up your own rhyme

You may have realized by now, life’s not one gift alone.
Life’s gifts are skills, friends, families, and calling somewhere home.
Life means getting good at knowing which gifts you want unwrapped.
Everything’s available to those who choose and act.

Presents sit around all day, just waiting to be opened.
Life’s greatest tragedy is time spent sitting around mopin’.
Pick a present, go for it. (Yes, unwrapping takes some work!)
But you get to grow unwrapping the gift – that’s the biggest perk.

Make time and have fun with your gift, whether it’s big or small.
You chose, proceeded, you unwrapped, you worked and did it all.

But if you feel in any way that this gift’s begun to bore…
There are rooms and rooms of presents; just decide to open once more.

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