About Jonathan


My name is Jonathan Kraft, and I Write Your Poem.

About My Poems – and about Your Poems
I’ve been writing poems since I was very young.

When I graduated high school, I wrote a poem for (and about) each person in my graduating class who had some influence on my life. I did this to thank them for the 4 years of their lives they had shared with me. I wrote over 200 individual poems for that day alone.

Poets rarely are recognized in their lifetimes. They usually have to live somber lives and die tragically (Poe) or garner favor with the queen (Shakespeare) before they become known.

Writing poems is the way I express myself, and it’s the way I interpret the world.

It has taken me a long time to realize this, and to accept it, as a core part of who I am.

But I am good at it, and I can be of immense value for you, when you hire me to write a poem for you.

About Me

Like you, I do many things in life. I am a multi-dimensional spiritual being having a human experience. Below you can learn about some of my other interests outside of writing.