Multimedia Poems

I can record your poem to audio.
I can even create a video for you with your poem.

Below are a couple examples of multimedia poems.


Listen to and read “Tossed On The Wind (Like A Feather)” a poem I wrote for a client, read aloud by me, by clicking play belowTossed On The Wind Like A Feather
by Jonathan Kraft

With you the world is magical
With you the world shines true
But now that you’re gone…the world is dark.
I’m unhappy, mad, sad… and some kind of blue.

The world is beautiful when you’re around
I say “is” not “was”, purposefully
Even though I know that you’ve gone away
“Was” is not a word to describe you and me

The times that we’ve had, the love that we’ve shared
And now all there is to be found…
Only words spoken, my heart that is broken
though in stillness I can feel it’s rhythmic sound

Of course some things I could have done differently.
Thinking about it all, I’ve had nights without sleep
I wish I could quiet the torrent of tears
But this pain… it is running so deep

Leaving and leaving and leaving again
I thought we would do things together.
But I’m just here, just me, all alone
Tossed on the wind like a feather

The sadness of my soul without you by my side
My song, my spirit, and my inspiration
All gone… while hopelessness remains
a drifting cloud without motivation.

This melody keeps playing over and over
The song of your voice in my mind
The sound is something I’m still forward-looking to
But I know I must put it behind.

I don’t want to wallow in this sorrowful place
I want to live with peace and light
But the world without you… incomprehensible
I want to run… I want to fight.

But there’s nothing to defend
and nowhere to go.
I am just left
and you are not here
and I am left grasping
at the edge of something
a support has fallen from underneath my soul…

So now as I sit here… my prayer is this
That my broken heart will not break part by part
But that it will break open to share with the world
How it is possible to find a new start

I don’t know my path out of this darkness
But I know I will figure it out



Poem: Magical

This was a poem I wrote to accompany a video for a wedding DJ.

The wedding DJ provided me with a video that he intended to purchase.

He asked if I would time the poem to the video, and include some references within the video (including some reference to “Until Death Do Us Part”).

So I wrote the poem, recorded the audio, and downloaded/re-mastered the video.  Here is the resulting wedding poem video (poem below):

by Jonathan Kraft

I remember the journey
And everything it took us to get here

You and me
two kids with a dream
two friends,

Now two lovers.
Now two partners.

when we hold hands
when we cry tears of laughter
and when we laugh though our trials,

The joy we have together
fills my heart and overflows.

It’s magical.

Do you know what magic is?
It’s the unexplainable made real
It’s knowing you don’t know…
How something could be so amazing.
How something could be possible.

But any music can be played
Any plant or flower can grow
Any world can be…
Because you are magical.

And though words can not convey this feeling fully,
you should know…

With you, I feel amazing.
With you, anything is possible.
With you, my fantasy has become my reality

And as we move forward
For this new phase of our lives

I know that love is the spell
that can change everything

The joy I have
knowing I am yours
and you are mine…

It brings me to a place of deep comfort
a place of strength beyond what I am
a place of truth, and light, and love.
And that place can only be explained as magical.

People often say “til death do us part”
But for you and me, that may not be true.
Even after we’re gone, I’ll still think you’re dead sexy!


I can record your poem and/or even create a video for you with your poem.

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