Poem: Even Ice Cream

Even Ice Cream
by Jonathan Kraft

Going to school you’ll learn lessons that will stick:
Science, reading, and writing, and some arithmetic.
And good grades are important, that’s definitely true,
But grades are a small part of what makes you, you.

You have talents and ideas and friends and gadgets
and family and interests and hobbies and secrets.

And so, if sometimes things don’t go your way,
know that any day can be any kind of day.

You get to decide what you want to be good at.
Some people decide that “good enough” is just that.
But you can be anything you want to be.
Just decide what you want and go after it fully.

Learn everything about everything you want to know.
The great thing about life is there are many ways to go.
And dream big, for everything was once someone’s dream:
castles, computers, printed books, and even ice cream.

Let your mind think all the amazing ideas it’s got.
Dream about things not one person’s ever thought.
Then take your dreams, make them something you can see…
draw them into a plan, and get busy as a bee.

Write the plan down, make it sing or make it rhyme:
planning anything worthwhile will require some time.
And once you have all your plans perfectly clear,
move ahead with your actions. Go through any fear.

And always remember that life gives us all
more than just one chance to go to the ball.
We get to mess up and learn when we fail.
To fail is just an action and is part of your tale.

The tale of a journey that brought a shining star,
would be incredibly boring if it hadn’t come so far.
If chapter 1 said “everything’s fine!” and chapter 2 said “that’s true.”
And chapter 3 said “still fine,” then chapter 4 might bore you.

So embrace the struggle and learn to go again,
the only trial the matters is the final win.
You just have to come back each time that you lose.
Learn, think, and apply and pay your dues.

See all of your dreams before they are actually real.
In your mind’s eye, make them things you can feel.
Make success real for you, before it is so.
That’s the secret to everywhere you want to go.

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