Poem: For a Dog

Hello Toutou
by Jonathan Kraft

Yes, I know you are just a dog.
So you will probably never read this.
Maybe someday there will be a way,
For now I’ll have to settle for your other tricks.

You are so clever…

rolling over and crawling along the floor,
spinning around and waving at me.

And even when you’re lying perfectly still, while playing dead,
I know you’re still alive.

Your wagging tail gives you away.

I love how you step right up
to shake my hand.

What a very clever dog you are.

And you love your toys.
That’s great, because you’re a dog,
and dogs are supposed to love toys,
so you do….

Another thing some dogs (like you) do,
is snore.

You snore a lot.
You keep me awake.
You snorrer.

But even though you keep me awake,
I will keep you.

You brighten my day, every day.

If sometimes, I play with other dogs,
you don’t need to growl or bark or run
to me.

I am yours. Don’t worry.
I’m always coming back to you.

So proud as you run in the sun,
your black and tan hair trailing behind you…
Your pretty ears and happy fun ways…

I know you do your best to be a lady.
That’s hard when you’re a big lady,
and others think you’re fat.

You’re not fat.
Not even close.
You have well-defined strong-dog features
Especially for a cocker Spaniel.

I know you do your best,
I know you can not help but be a little dumb.
That’s just who you are.

That’s okay.

You are so strong and fun.
You are so playful.

Thank-you for being my friend.

Original Request

Topic: My 10 months old american cocker spaniel, her name is Toutou (Chinese name)
Who will read this poem: myself, to laugh at 😀

She is a pure breed american cocker spaniel in black and tan. She has white hair on her chest. Very playful and love to “talk”. Snores super loud that makes me can’t even sleep. Very smart and she can do lots of tricks, like shake hands, wave, play dead, down, roll over, spin, retrieving toys, crawl and etc. She is very cute, when she plays dead, she would still have her tail waving. Love to run around and would jealous of other dogs when I play with them. She is really smart, but at the same time very stupid (always stepping on her own poo on the pee pad, while you can see she is trying her best to avoid it.) Very lady with her long ears, but a very tomboy personality. People always mistaken that she is fat, but she is actually muscular compare to other cocker spaniel (I always wonder how come she is so ‘big’, considering the breed and she is a female).

I would like the poem be playful and humble. You are welcome to make fun on the behaviours of my dog. Please try to maximize the length of the poem (as you stated- 40lines). And please avoid rhythm. Thanks!

Yes, please avoid rhyming.

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